Thursday, September 29, 2011

27 weeks

Just a quick update today as I've given quite a few recent "updates." I put myself on self imposed bed rest this afternoon since I was cramping again. Even though it's all UTI related, I did notice I cramped less if I just stayed laying down so, I have. See? I'm being good!

Also, if you haven't yet, check out the poll on the left hand side and cast your vote for if Shrimp is a boy or a girl.

And now, Shrimp at 27 weeks.

This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended. She's sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. While her lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if she were to be born now. Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and they don't bother her, so just relax and enjoy the tickle.

28 weeks is the last week of the 2nd trimester. Hope I get more than 1 week in the third trimester this time.


Sarah said...

Sorry that I haven't been able to keep up the last few days. Things have been crazy here!
I am so glad you are resting and taking care of yourself. I sure hope you get a lot more then one week in the third trimester. How about 10?

Jamee Lynn said...

In your post you said the baby was a she...are you trying to throw us off lol. j/k...can't wait to meet the little shrimp.