Monday, September 26, 2011


This is a snapshot of one of the pages from the pregnancy book the OB I chose for this pregnancy gives you at the beginning of every pregnancy.

It's shocking to me, to look at this page. Why? Because I had THREE out of FIVE of those symptoms the week before I left for Arizona pregnant with Elisa. 3 out of 5. And I had to CLAW my way in to just get them to do a test for a UTI. How could all of those medical professionals not put it together? How could they have told me all was ok, it's all normal and to get on that plane? Why did I ignore my instincts saying this wasn't right? This wasn't normal?

Fast forward two years and a new doctor. One, who even at the mention of two of these symptoms jumps so high to get me to get my little rear end in to be looked at. To the point that even I was starting to get a little nervous, even though my instincts were telling me I was probably over reacting. But I called anyway, because I don't mess with any of those symptoms.

Turns out it's most likely a UTI, but very early in the process, and as the day has progressed I've begun to agree with that assessment. They did a fFN (fetal fibronectin) test just in case and I should know the results tomorrow. More accurate as negatives than as positives, but truly, my radar/instincts aren't raised so I truly think this is just a UTI.

It's just odd to me, the different reactions. It just brings it home to me that sometimes, just sometimes, doctors don't always have the answers. That doesn't mean we shouldn't trust them...but it does mean that if your instincts say something more is going on here that the doctor discounts...fight. Maybe if I had fought more. Who knows, really. And I'll never know. But maybe, just maybe, I can help someone else fight and avoid the outcome I had because I didn't know enough to fight back when I truly needed to.

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