Monday, September 12, 2011

I love you even when...

  • you are in a full fledged 2 year old fit
  • you refuse to nap just out of sheer stubbornness
  • you refuse your dinner just because you don't WANT what is offered
  • you continually disturb mommy and daddy's sleep
  • you cling to me like your life depends on being physically connected to me.
  • you lay down on your belly, kick your feet and smack your hands. Only to find out the tile hurts when you smack it with your open palm and immediately run to me for comfort.
  • you toss your lamp on the floor and break it in an angry fit.

You may be growing up way to fast and before my eyes but I will always love you. You will always be my baby, and no matter how frustrated, or annoyed I get with you, that will never change.


Andrew said...

this was Elisa chasing me down the sidewalk...

Jamee Lynn said...

Love the last cute :)