Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Letters to our daughers - January 15, 2014

Dear E,

I sit here and wonder what to say to you.  Usually words just come to me.  I don't have to struggle or reach for them when I'm writing.  Speaking is another story, but writing is just so natural for me.

We are on the brink of a big milestone for us.  In a few months we will finally go "back."  After 4 years, I will be able to show you the place you were born.  The people who were so instrumental in your survival.

Who, at the end of the day, gave me you.  In all your stubborn glory.  And vibrant personality.  A beautiful heart.

So I'll watch you sleep when I can.  And thank God for every moment with you.  You might frustrate me, anger me, leave me curled up in a corner bawling my eyes out, but I will never, ever regret any moment spent with you.

Be sure to meet Nicole and read her letter to her baby girl.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow, snow and more snow

Well.  Not quite as much as last year.  However, we have had a few snow days and both kids are at the age that they love it.  A tried to help "scooping" the snow by carrying handfuls of it to the snow shovel.

Of course, we had to try to bury E in the snow.

Don't worry.  She enjoyed it.

Everyone got in on the action.

And no snow day is complete without a cup of hot chocolate.


Monday, January 6, 2014

[Kids Were Here] - January 2014

Because they leave an indelible mark on you.  More than their faces, or their voices, or their smiles.  There is so much more to the memories they leave.  That as much as you get tired of picking up their messes, or stepping on their toys, or cleaning up their diapers, you will miss this when they are grown.

In our house, you can always count on finding something lined up.  Such as the line of semi's and cars I found in the kitchen as they were napping. 

Or the lines of stickers on my grandmother's antique chest.

Somehow both of these kids ended up with my tendency to put things in "order."  Even if we do often fight over whose "order" is the one we use.

I have been so blessed in my journey as a mother to have met so many other wonderful moms.  And since my photography hobby began, even some very talented photographers who also have kids.  Visit Erica's blog to see how her kids leave their marks.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Look who's 2! (A few month's late...)

So hard to believe it's been two years since you entered my life.

I don't quite know what to say to you.  Our first few months together were rough.  You were miserable.  I was sick, and miserable.  We didn't get along.  But you always just wanted me, even if we didn't quite get each other.  And that very clinginess pushed us apart.

But somehow...over the months, something began to change.  You outgrew your colic.  I got better.  Now, I love how you come to me for comfort, even when you don't seem to need it.  How you want to just lay your head in my lap for a moment before going back to play.  How you come up to me, get my attention just to say "wub eww" before running off again.

You love your trains.  And your stickers.  And your dump truck.  Oh.  And your paci.  Let's not forget applesauce.

You are 30.05 lbs (75%), 35.25 inches tall (72%) and weigh just as much as your sister.  I thought you'd catch up to her a year ago, but I guess she finally started to gain and you slowed down.

But you haven't stopped moving.  And finally talking, after worrying me about how little words you actually spoke.  Now we often get phrases, requests and yes, demands from you and in words.  Doesn't mean you don't still yell and throw fits.  And oh boy, can you throw a fit.

You are the baby, and we have spoiled you with snuggling.  I refused to do this with your sister...but for some reason, you weaseled your way into my heart and every morning, I let you crawl into bed with your daddy and I and get a few extra snuggles.  You've become so used to it that you don't even head to get breakfast before heading to our bed.  And you become really angry when we won't let you out when you feel like you should, even if it is before 7.

You moved to your "big boy" bed much before I was ready.  But after crawling out of your crib 9 times one night, you gave us no choice.

I don't know what I'd do without you, baby boy.  You've stolen so much of my heart.  I'm so glad you wiggled your way in.  I will miss your hugs, and messy, slobbery kisses when you are grown.  But for now?  For now, I'll relish in them and invite them as often as you chose to bestow them on me.

Happy birthday, baby boy.