Monday, January 6, 2014

[Kids Were Here] - January 2014

Because they leave an indelible mark on you.  More than their faces, or their voices, or their smiles.  There is so much more to the memories they leave.  That as much as you get tired of picking up their messes, or stepping on their toys, or cleaning up their diapers, you will miss this when they are grown.

In our house, you can always count on finding something lined up.  Such as the line of semi's and cars I found in the kitchen as they were napping. 

Or the lines of stickers on my grandmother's antique chest.

Somehow both of these kids ended up with my tendency to put things in "order."  Even if we do often fight over whose "order" is the one we use.

I have been so blessed in my journey as a mother to have met so many other wonderful moms.  And since my photography hobby began, even some very talented photographers who also have kids.  Visit Erica's blog to see how her kids leave their marks.


Ree Lynn said...

Great photos. Love how they line things up (although stickers on am antique makes me cringe)

Kelly M said...

That truck is so cute just sitting there

Rachelle said...

Love the truck photo, his face peeking out is so cool! Isn't it funny how stickers end up EVERYWHERE?!

Lauren said...

We have an antique trunk as well - it's getting colored over with crayon. :)

Erica Sandusky said...

Oh the stickers!

Jenny Rusby said...

So cute how they line everything up! But those stickers...hope you can get them off!