Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flu: 1, Lisa: 0

Ok. Talk about cabin fever. How about room fever. I have not left my bedroom for more than a total of 30 minutes since TUESDAY. And I'm including the master bathroom in that. I have eaten nothing but dry cereal and soup and I am just dying for something interesting to eat. I don't know what, but something more than chicken noodle soup. Is that a sign of getting better? If I could get my darn fever to break, then I'd know that things were going much better, but I can't. 101 and 102 for the last two days, and thought I was good today when it was only 99 all morning, but then spiked at 100 this afternoon. That and my darn throat which feels like a tiny thousand knives have been raking up and down the back of it and swallowing, talking, anything is absolute torture!

Ok I'll stop with my moaning. It's really been an uneventful month for us. Andrew has been working away at student teaching and is finding it rather enjoyable. I get to go to both Huntsville and Orlando in the next three weeks, providing I can kick this darned flu to the curb. At this rate it feels like it will never get over! Wow I'm whining again.

So that's all around the King household. I think I'll go nap again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dave Ramsey, you should be proud of me

Ok Dave. Now this may be taking your beans and rice policy a little bit too far, but my lunch today is...a can of tuna and mayo. And why is it only a can of tuna and mayo? Because silly me, forgot to grab the loaf of bread when I ran out the door for work today. I remembered the tuna and the mayo to make a tuna sandwich, but forgot the bread. So...instead of running to the store to buy bread, and who knows what else because I'm shopping for food while HUNGRY, I simply mixed up my tuna and my mayo and I'm eating that alone!

Go me, it's my birthday and I will be debt free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCLUDING my house.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back to work

Well, It is back to another week for Student teaching(wk 6) a class of Kindergarten's, after being off 3 days last week sick. I feel much better, I caught some sort of bug going around kids at school. I almost have my health back, I still have a persistent cough though. I was exhausted from the illness most of last week, made it rather difficult to get my student teaching stuff done, my school work done, and my vending done, so I reluctantly had to work Saturday to get caught up on my vending. I hire someone to run the vending route throughout the week, but it still requires my help occasionally now.
Oh almost forgot, Lisa took off for work and then left me home alone sick for the week while she was gone to Boston.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The past does not define me

So this is the perfect title. I had a whole speil worked out last night as I was lying in bed trying, unsuccessfully, to fall asleep. And it was beautifully written. In my head! And now, 10 or so hours later, all I remember is the darned title. Other than that, I just remember a general thought process, which was just along the lines of, I'm tired of being depressed and bitter and reliving all the crap that I've seen, done (and am sorry for or regret), or had happen to me. It's not done me any good to constantly remember it. And then I ended by determining that I would no longer live in the past, but in the here and now. And look forward to what tomorrow has to offer. Not because tomorrow is going to be better than today, but because tomorrow has endless MORE possibilities than I am already experiencing today!

So that being said, today is the first day of a new life. However, as I have been remiss in my posting duties, I do need to catch you up. So forgive me for my delve into the past here!

So let's see. After returning from my impromptu trip to Michigan, we've been very busy. Andrew has started his 5th (FIVE?!?!) week of student teaching. This week he is in charge of teaching around 25 kindergartner's math. He's been having a very good experience, over all. At least I think so, he may disagree. He has seen students with varying levels of intelligence and handicaps and has had to work with them in order to get them to pay attention, stay on task and help them learn the skills needed to get them to the next grade. I am very proud of him. Even though it is very tiring, between student teaching, school classes still for his masters, and trying to do the odd job with the vending, I've seen him "bloom." I truly feel this is God's calling for him.

Me, now let's see. I have still been busily ensconced with work, band, church, bells, and just trying to keep house. January saw me in Miami for a trade show. Now, I had absolutely gorgeous views and even stuck my feet in the ocean, for the first time in, oh, 14 years? Yeah, so the beach doesn't agree with me.

OH and while I was wasting away in Miami, poor Andrew was stuck at home, working on remodeling our Master bath. It's not done, and will be a bit more before it is, but it is already much much improved over what it had been!

Now after I returned from Miami, I was in charge of organizing a meal for church. Now this is like nothing compared to the events I've had to organize for work, but I still had my panic moments. Thankfully, all went off without a hitch. Now I am waiting to travel to Boston tomorrow for another business trip. Then, I'm home! Well, until March anyway!

So anyway. Hopefully the next post won't be as long as I won't have to update you on 2 months worth of activities. Whoops. What happened to those New Year resolutions? :-D