Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A bit sad...

I started this blog way back in 2007 as a way to document our lives and as virtual baby books once we were blessed with those children.

I started learning photography in 2012 in order to have a better visual representation of our lives.

But somehow, along the way, life has gotten in the way of that.  And I seem to have completely abandoned that idea and moved to the idea of one-liner status updates on Facebook.  As I went back the other day to find some historical information on one of my kids, and couldn't find it on here, I was disappointed.  In myself.  For completely, seemingly going dark.

For all the moments and thoughts that I missed with Avery's pregnancy.  All those moments I missed documenting.  I have no real excuse, just the simple fact that I am overwhelmed with life and a lot of my creativity is sucked out in work projects.  I can't even blame photography any more, as once I got to a certain point in the pregnancy with Avery, I simply didn't have the energy or brain power to do that.

I miss capturing our life in words and images.  I don't know how to add that back into my life on a regular basis.  I only have so many hours in a day.  So, I guess, here's a little quick and dirty update.


6 years old and in her first year of kindergarten.  Yes.  6.  And in kindergarten.

There were so many days over the years that I feared what this time would hold.  Would prematurity rear it's head again?  It was a bit of a rough beginning as she adjusted to the new schedule.  We had quite the attitude once she got home from school, but we think a large part of that was the unexpected drama surrounding her sister's birth and the fact that mommy wasn't home for 10 days.  But so far she has excelled, especially in math and science to her father's excitement.  Those who know me well, know math is not my strong suit.  :-D

And much to her father's and I surprise and pride, she has even won a "classy cat" award for kindness for being the first one to offer help, support, caring and concern for her classmates.  The surprise only comes from the fact we wish she showed this spirit at home...with her brother...

Her recent checkup had her at 36lbs and 3 feet 6 inches tall.  She continues on her curve for her height, but is dropping (again) on her weight.  For the 2nd year in a row she has dropped further down.  From her top of 11%, down to 9% at 5 years and now down to 4%.  Somehow, we have to get this kid to eat more.  In addition, speech has AGAIN become a concern.  She has consistently tested behind, but not significantly, since her release from early intervention.  She was recently re-tested by the school and from what it sounds, she will be starting speech services again.  The 1-2 punch for the preemie mom guilt...but I'm choosing to simply stick my tongue back at it and say "nah-nah."

Mature.  I know.

And then...

We have this one.


From the day he was born, he has confounded us.  From colic, to climbing.  Now jumping and outright defiance.  And serious doses of independence.  After years of struggling to get the boy to potty train, he decided the best place to do so was at the very start of his first airplane ride.  Yes.  The boy potty trained on a plane.  Whatever works?  He has recently taken to dressing himself and we love it...just often find ourselves amused as he insists on putting his clothes on backwards and the wrong feet in the wrong shoe.  But hey.  At least he dressed himself. :-D

Luckily, mommy and baby sister returned home from the NICU the DAY before he went for his first day of preschool.  It seems to have been a non-issue in terms of adjustment for him and he is loving it.  His teachers have told us many times just how smart he is and how he is telling them of things they have not taught yet.  If only we could get the jumping under control....I don't know how the kid hasn't ended up in the hospital yet.

He is 3, almost 4 and outweighs his sister.  Not entirely surprising...  He loves "power engine turtles" (translation: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Optimus Prime and most recently...Power Rangers.  Sigh.  Side note...did anyone else notice Jennifer Garner was one of the Power Rangers?!

Last...but not least...the littlest A

Though her entrance to this world was far less than what was dreamed, she has been a dream baby.  Like her older sister, she has slept through the night from early on.  But also like her older sister, she is a peanut and on the slow side of the weight gain.  She's persevered through her own NICU stay, tongue and lip ties and corrections.  She's almost 3 months old and weighs 10lb 13oz.  Seems she is going to be a tall peanut.  She's finally started giving us full fledged smiles and even shown a mischievous side.  But most of her awake time is spent looking around and acting unimpressed by the shenanigans of her older siblings.

The older two absolutely adore her and E has decided being a big sister is a cool thing, instead of a drag.  She begs to help out sometimes and I feel so bad that I have to tell her no a lot.  Since she mostly wants to help feed her.  And, well, I can't let her do that or it's to my detriment haha.

Life is insanely busy - but overall satisfying.  I truly hope to be able to go back to capturing those little moments, especially as we are walking down the path of our absolute last baby.  These are the things we want to remember when we are old.