Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good-bye July, Hello August

Hard to believe that there is more of this year gone than there is until it's end.  And Aidan is almost 8 months.  And Elisa is almost three years old.

Another year here and gone before it seems like it even got started.

Since Andrew recently gifted me with a real camera, I have been just trying to see what I can do with it.  I don't claim to be good or know what I'm doing, I'm just enjoying capturing the children on "film" and having a quality of photo that I can actually get printed.  I am fast running out of space on the fridge and have added one too many picture frame to my collection.  I'm running out of room of places to put them.  And I still have more coming.  Think it's time to actually go buy a photo album...

A friend of mine recently posted one of those photo challenges you see occasionally on Facebook and decided I'd try it.  Hopefully I can learn more about the camera so I can get more complicated photos.  But right now I'm stuck actually getting the manual settings to work.  I need a class on just running my camera.  :-/

I need you to help keep me honest.  I have to take a photo every day in August and it has to be something that describes the word for that day.

So...here goes.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Really.  I do take those!  Since I'm not in a very "wordy" mood, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves basically.  Long and short, we took a drive up to Michigan to visit some family there and see a balloon festival.  The kids did great on the 12+ hour drive (that we split into two.)  The balloons were awesome, and Elisa still asks if she can "see some balloons in the sky?"  Elisa and daddy even were able to help a balloon land and get the balloon down for the chase crew.

In random order, these are a few of my favorites.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

One of "those" moments

I had one of "those" moments the other day.  You know, the one where you realize that things could have been so different.

But it wasn't in a bad way.  It's hard to explain, but you see I was cuddling my baby girl as she was getting ready for bed and it suddenly dawned on me just how close I came to not having this moment.  How close I came to not having this at all.

And my heart swelled and the tears flowed and I was overwhelmed with my love for this little girl.

You see, the "should have beens, would have beens, could have beens" can both ways.

She "should" have been born 11 weeks after she was.  But she wasn't.  And because she wasn't, she "could have" died.  Or she "could have" been severely affected for the rest of her life.

But she wasn't.

Instead she lived and thrived.

Really, what more can I ask for?  I have an almost three year old who, at the moment, is just like every other almost three year old (including the stubborn, independent, boundary pushing, tantrum throwing bossiness that comes along with the age) except she has a very unique beginning.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I love about you, Elisa Grace

There are so many things, that they are impossible to list.  But a few have been going around in my head.

1.  I love how compassionate you are.  I try so hard to show you how much I love you that when you turn that around on me, it floors me.  I love holding you and playing with your hair, so when you decided last night to return the favor, I have never felt more loved in my life.
2.  The conversations we have had with you lately.  You are so bossy but at the moment it's adorable.  A few of the gems:

As your father goes outside to check on something. "Daddy!  Get back in here, it's too hot out there!  1-2-3!  Daddy!  Get back inside!"  (just for reference, we use the 1-2-3 on her when she's not listening and misbehaving so it totally cracked us up when she tried to use it on us!)

"Daddy!  Get out of my room, mommy's changing my diaper!"

"Mommy, the suns up so I can't sleep!  I only sleep when the moon is up."

"I'm not a crazy man!  I'm a big boy!"

"I don't want to go to the store, I want to go to the airport!"  As we head to the airport, "No, I don't want to go to the airport I want to go to the store!"

When she first heard my voice after returning from my last trip, you exclaimed "Mommy, you came off the airplane!"

3.  You love your brother and as much as you sometimes bully him and yell at him, you really do miss him when he's gone.  Whenever he goes for a grandma and me day, you keep asking where brother is.
4.  You have figured out how to talk on the phone and ask to call your grandma or grandpa.  And then actually converse with them on the phone.  Your one-sided conversations are so cute.  You also figured out how to speak to mommy on skype and kept asking daddy to "talk to mommy on the computer!"
5.  The way you wrap your little arms around our neck and give real hugs and kisses. 

There are so many things I just can't think of them all.  I'm so glad to have been blessed with you.  You are so beautiful, both inside and out.  I just look at you and can't help but think of the song "Beautiful You" by Jonny Diaz

"There could never be a more beautiful you
Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you"

Even with your cheese smile and your onion breath ;), you will always be the most gorgeous girl I know.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family photos

On our last trip up to Iowa, we had the opportunity to get some pictures taken.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Ok so it's more than just a few but hey.  You can check out more of her work at Thru the Lens.

Thanks Jamee!  Welcome to the family "officially" but you've truly been a member for years.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I said he'd probably skip it.

So of course he starts army crawling the next day.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

7 months old

I love how sometimes you wake up happy and talking to yourself.  And when I walk into the room to get you, your face breaks out into a huge grin and you wave your arms wildly and kick your legs happily and are just so excited to see me.  These last 7 months have been full of challenges and struggles but they have also been filled with joy.  So glad to have you in my life!

You currently weigh about 19.5 lbs, according to the wii anyway.   You have 6, yes SIX teeth.  You love carrots.  You don't crawl but you love to be on your feet.  I have the feeling you will walk before you crawl.  You love to bounce, your sister and to "fly" with daddy.  You are definitely a momma's boy and look for me always.  Your cry when I leave the room breaks my heart.

Your laugh and your smile are infectious. 

You are most likely my last and I just want to eat you up.

I love you, Aidan Michael.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Mommy's ready to come home on a jet plane!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life is

Full of moments.

Some make you smile and your heart fill with joy.

Some are heartbreaking and you will never be the same.

Some make you want to scream in frustration.

And some make you stop and catch your breath.

These are the ones you want to remember forever.  When it all melts away and you are just in the moment.

And life is just a few precious moments with your baby girl and a swing.  Because, after all, these moments will be gone all too soon.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm still here!

I'm just growing.  I'm so glad mommy fought so hard to help my tummy because I sure do like my food and it was no fun when my tummy hurt all the time.  As you can see, I'm learning lots of new skills.  I like to sit up but mostly I like to try to scoot on my belly or my back.  My favorite thing to do when I get mad is to bounce my hips up and down and scoot backwards on the floor.  The only problem with that is I tend to hit my head on things.  Like the fireplace.  Or the toy box.  Or the chest.

That sure doesn't feel good.  But my pooper sure does!  :)

I even love my big sister.

Yes.  My crazy big sister.

Who does some mean things.  Like take my toys or shove me over and over until I roll into the wall or something.  Or who even tries to help mommy and daddy with me by giving me my sippy with water.  Even if I don't want it.  Or eats raw onions whole.

Yeah she can be a little weird.  But you know what?  She makes me laugh.

She sure is something special and I sure do love her.  I can't wait until I can keep up with her.  And I'm not far, really.  I keep getting onto my elbows and knees and rocking.  It's not long until I figure out how to actually be on all fours.  Then mommy and daddy will REALLY be in for it.

Bye for now!

P.S.  Can you tell mommy got a new toy?  Boy are we in for it now, we will soon know what the stars feel like with the paparazzi!