Saturday, February 28, 2015


This about describes our mood around here lately.  I think we are all done with being cooped up.  Everyone is ready for some warmer weather.

This meme I found on Facebook earlier this week about sums up my feelings on the week I had.

Meh.  Just meh.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I have been seriously remiss in my duties on blogging recently.  Was it really September the last time I posted?  Call it lack of inspiration, not really feeling like I have anything to say.  But....I hope to pick it back up here again as things are about to get interesting.

To start...we moved.  We finally sold and found our new house.  It wasn't with out it trials, meltdowns, tears, immense stress.  And this should be our "forever" home.  It's space is good.  And it's lighting is good.  Location is good, schools are great.  I don't see us leaving.

We had kindergarten orientation for this one tonight.  Yes.  Kindergarten.  Momma's not ready.  Not so sure about Elisa.

Aidan is a booger refusing to potty train and about to enter preschool.  His temper is about as massive as ever.

Mommy has taken up another hobby (Like I needed a hole in my head and am now learning to knit.  it might become very handy in a few years....)

Spring needs to come and warmer weather and yummy outdoor light an exploration of our new neighborhood.  Keep checking this space...

Come back later for more... I promise it won't be as long.