Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carrots = fail?

I'll let you tell me.



I have been seriously remiss in my duties to keep you updated on my progress. I will have to get on mommy to be a bit more diligent in updating you all.

So what's new with me? Well, I'm 12 lbs 1 oz!


Yes, ME!

Mommy and Daddy are always marveling at my rolls now. It's kinda funny when they wiggle my thighs just to see the fatty part there jiggle.

I've also begun napping during the day. In my CRIB! Yes, really. I wasn't too happy about mommy putting her foot down with this one, but the more I do it, the more I like it. I'm hoping to get my naps down to two long ones a day rather than 3 short ones. I know mommy and daddy would like those extra hours to be productive.

I also got to meet my Aunt Karen and Katrine for the first time! As well as my dog cousin, Elvis. It was really fun, and I behaved. For the most part. I only became cranky when I was tired!

OH and I get to try carrots today! I'll try to get mommy to tell you all about it after I had them. I'm excited, but not so sure of this strangely colored stuff. Guess we'll see!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parental Preference

Is starting already. And of course, the preference is for daddy!

We were all playing together on the floor and daddy was reading Elisa a book while I held her in the assisted sitting position for her to practice sitting and when daddy went to get a new book, we were NOT happy. Once daddy got up to walk away, our little face screwed up, the whining started, followed by outright bellowing, LOL. No matter what I did to try to comfort her or let her know daddy would be back was good enough. She had to have daddy.

Wish I could have gotten it on video tape, it was so adorable! I hope I still think it is in 5 years when she runs to daddy for everything and forgets mommy exists.

Oh, and she has finally transferred an object from one hand to the other yay! Now, whether she did this intentionally or not is another question, but she still transferred it! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

March for Babies and CEREAL!

So, I know I'm a bit late in posting about the March for Babies on Saturday, but it's been busy AND I found out that I was going to be able to try to give Elisa solid foods. So in an effort to consolidate my efforts, I thought I'd wait until I got all of those pictures taken and would blog about them both!

So, March for Babies was a blast, but it was also eye opening. I mean, I have a preemie, I know the risks. But it brought it home to me just HOW lucky we were. I saw many shirts for people walking in memory of a preemie who didn't make it. It just broke my heart. I didn't see all that many, though, who were showing their preemie's off. I did make a sign for her, I'm not all that creative when it comes to visual arts but I tried:

Thanks to a company match and my many generous friends, we were able to raise $210 to give to the cause! It's really a small amount, but since I didn't have much time to get anything raised, I was quite proud of our small contribution. I even got a "$200 hero" sticker lol!

Here's a closer view at my attempt at artwork.

Alright, now onto the REALLY fun part. Yesterday, we called the ped to get a refill on our zantac prescription for Elisa, and during the call, I asked again about the solid foods. She has dramatically upped her intake of formula and Andrew and I were pretty sure she was saying I need more than just this formula stuff. So, they came back with an official yes you can try!!!! Said we needed to do it after a bottle and to make sure her formula intake doesn't go down as they really liked the new increased intake. So....We went on a mission today.

Andrew found a bulk set of dishes and picked up some rice cereal. Around 1 pm she decided she was hungry so we gave her a bottle and then...on to the cereal!

She didn't hate it, but didn't seem to love it either. She had this look on her face for most of the time of "what IS this stuff?" But she kept taking it and didn't just reject it. So, I guess that's a good start!!