Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parental Preference

Is starting already. And of course, the preference is for daddy!

We were all playing together on the floor and daddy was reading Elisa a book while I held her in the assisted sitting position for her to practice sitting and when daddy went to get a new book, we were NOT happy. Once daddy got up to walk away, our little face screwed up, the whining started, followed by outright bellowing, LOL. No matter what I did to try to comfort her or let her know daddy would be back was good enough. She had to have daddy.

Wish I could have gotten it on video tape, it was so adorable! I hope I still think it is in 5 years when she runs to daddy for everything and forgets mommy exists.

Oh, and she has finally transferred an object from one hand to the other yay! Now, whether she did this intentionally or not is another question, but she still transferred it! :)

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