Monday, January 28, 2013

Let me count the ways

Isn't it supposed to be the case that if one child is rather difficult, the other will be easier?  And wouldn't you say Elisa has been difficult enough?

So.  Is this just a boy thing?  Or a 2nd child thing?  Or what?

Just today this child has:
1. Pulled his sisters hair
2. Touched the fireplace handle TWICE resulting in a time out (no fire in it but would rather it just be a no-no for when there IS one in there)
3. Pulled his sisters drink over
4. Dumped his daddy's drink over
5. Got into the spice drawer, managed to open up the garlic spice, dump it all over the floor and in his eyes.
6. Got into the space underneath the TV.  Which, for three years, Elisa has stayed out of with just the rubber band over the handles.  Yeah.  He's not afraid of that.  And once in, he grabbed two batteries and went streaking across the room.  Thankfully we got them back from him.  Time to do some better baby proofing me thinks...
7. Grabbed the TV remote and tossed it into the bathtub.  With water in it.


Friday, January 25, 2013

All in good fun

So for the last two months I've been trying to participate in a photo a day challenge each month.  I guess it's a bit less daunting than a 365 day challenge, but if I can keep this up on a monthly basis, I'll end up with 365.  Granted, I'm not always taking a NEW picture each day and am recycling some already taken ones but ones I haven't used.  I guess I'll count it.

Anyway, I just had to share this one.   The word of the day was stripes and this was one I had when I was practicing for Elisa's 3 year shoot and trying to find the best time of day from a lighting perspective.  Aidan had to be involved, of course.  And started playing with the clothes basket we had in her room.  I thought, brilliant, I'll try one of those many pinterest type photos you see with him.

 I'll admit, I laughed.  As you can see, it failed.  Miserably.  I slightly miscalculated his size.  Forgive me, I can't quite fathom a baby on the larger end of the scale, I still think he should be smaller than he is at his age lol!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pinch me?

Today was just one of those days that had that "dreamy" feel to it.  Like this is how your life was supposed to be.  Just here, now.  Like you can't believe this is your life.

I mean, it's not like we even did anything special.  We had two gorgeous days in a row that just called for you to go outside and play.  Yesterday was much cooler than today, but still, we took advantage of it and went outside.  And played.   Before that, we cleaned, we straightened, we organized.

I felt like I was "sprung," and more than just in a literal sense in that I was outside of the house, but like I had finally been released of the weight that I'd carried for so long.  I didn't entirely know it was there.  Until it was gone.

And now that it's gone, I can see again.  I can feel again.  I can play, and laugh again.

Even in those moments that come along where you are frustrated with kids, and life and work and everything, it helps to know there are moments like this that can make it all right again.

I have energy again.  Laughter.  A hobby.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh what a difference!

Don't get me wrong.  I love both of my kids dearly and don't regret either of them.  But that said...I am SO glad that it is January of 2013 and not January of 2012.

Wait, what?  You mean you don't miss those early days?  Those newborn days?

Nope.  Not at all.  I love this age.  The personality is emerging.  The games we play.  The giggles as he "runs" across the room half naked just knowing we are going to chase him.

The peek-a-boo with our plates.  Or the raspberries being blown on the table while waiting for dinner.

The attitude in our voice as we tell us ALL just what's on our mind.  All "yayaya!" for look at me now!

I mean, how can you not look at this smile, even with the drool hanging out as we work constantly on those few remaining teeth before we FINALLY get a break, and not smile back?  Or laugh outrageously.

Gone are those early days of constant crying.  Constant battles for eating enough.  Or sleep.  Or pulling my hair out because you won't stop crying and I just don't know why.  Now, you are mostly smiles.

And giggles.

And just regular enjoyment.  Where even just a balloon can make your day.  Or an empty cereal box.

I wouldn't change you for the world.  I'll admit to not looking forward to the struggles of 2.  And 3.  But maybe, just maybe, you'll go easy on me and not be as trying as your sister.

One can always hope, right?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finally updating?

So I've kind of slacked off apparently.  I guess as a part of my "new years" resolution, I'll try to update or at least post something once a week, even if it is just a wordless Wednesday.

What did we do in December?

Visited Philadelphia.  On Aidan's birthday.  Yeah, I have something about not being at home during my children's first birthday lol!  But this trip, Andrew got to come with me and we got a great date out of it!  My company flew me out there for their holiday party and it was so much fun to be able to see a few of the historical sites.  I hope to actually have time at some point to actually tour the sites if I go out there again.  Thankfully, my new job requires much less travel so I am very excited to have a pretty empty travel schedule.  :)

Aidan turned one.  

And we ditched the bottles.  Cold turkey.  Finished up our last can of formula and just started handing him sippy's and he's done great.  Once again, I was more worried about it than I needed to be.

This big girl "lost" her paci.  That's what we told her anyway.  One day, Grandma couldn't find it when trying to put her down for her nap...and we just continued it.  She has been paci free for 3 weeks at least and hasn't asked for it in a few days.  Although she did say recently that we were "never going to find her paci, were we?"  Ouch...but we have been sleeping without it.

We saw Santa!

And mommy was able to go with even!  It was a fun day filled with train rides and touring a real train all decked out for Christmas. 

Snow!  We actually got measurable snow!  After having none last year, it was really exciting.  Aidan didn't care for it much, but Elisa enjoyed short bursts of playing in it.

Of course there was Christmas.  We spent some time with the King side in Iowa and had a visit from my brother and spent some time with my family at home.  It was a very nice, low key holiday.  We celebrated 9 years of marriage on the 27th and Andrew celebrated another birthday on the 29th.  We actually went out on a "date" for both and had a great time with dinner and a movie.  Or movie and dinner.  Whichever.  Doesn't really matter, right?

So anyway, kids are well, we are well.  Loving life.  Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to talk about later but I'm about out of creative juices so this is what you'll get for now.  :)

Here's to 2013!

Wordless Wednesday