Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finally updating?

So I've kind of slacked off apparently.  I guess as a part of my "new years" resolution, I'll try to update or at least post something once a week, even if it is just a wordless Wednesday.

What did we do in December?

Visited Philadelphia.  On Aidan's birthday.  Yeah, I have something about not being at home during my children's first birthday lol!  But this trip, Andrew got to come with me and we got a great date out of it!  My company flew me out there for their holiday party and it was so much fun to be able to see a few of the historical sites.  I hope to actually have time at some point to actually tour the sites if I go out there again.  Thankfully, my new job requires much less travel so I am very excited to have a pretty empty travel schedule.  :)

Aidan turned one.  

And we ditched the bottles.  Cold turkey.  Finished up our last can of formula and just started handing him sippy's and he's done great.  Once again, I was more worried about it than I needed to be.

This big girl "lost" her paci.  That's what we told her anyway.  One day, Grandma couldn't find it when trying to put her down for her nap...and we just continued it.  She has been paci free for 3 weeks at least and hasn't asked for it in a few days.  Although she did say recently that we were "never going to find her paci, were we?"  Ouch...but we have been sleeping without it.

We saw Santa!

And mommy was able to go with even!  It was a fun day filled with train rides and touring a real train all decked out for Christmas. 

Snow!  We actually got measurable snow!  After having none last year, it was really exciting.  Aidan didn't care for it much, but Elisa enjoyed short bursts of playing in it.

Of course there was Christmas.  We spent some time with the King side in Iowa and had a visit from my brother and spent some time with my family at home.  It was a very nice, low key holiday.  We celebrated 9 years of marriage on the 27th and Andrew celebrated another birthday on the 29th.  We actually went out on a "date" for both and had a great time with dinner and a movie.  Or movie and dinner.  Whichever.  Doesn't really matter, right?

So anyway, kids are well, we are well.  Loving life.  Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to talk about later but I'm about out of creative juices so this is what you'll get for now.  :)

Here's to 2013!

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