Monday, January 28, 2013

Let me count the ways

Isn't it supposed to be the case that if one child is rather difficult, the other will be easier?  And wouldn't you say Elisa has been difficult enough?

So.  Is this just a boy thing?  Or a 2nd child thing?  Or what?

Just today this child has:
1. Pulled his sisters hair
2. Touched the fireplace handle TWICE resulting in a time out (no fire in it but would rather it just be a no-no for when there IS one in there)
3. Pulled his sisters drink over
4. Dumped his daddy's drink over
5. Got into the spice drawer, managed to open up the garlic spice, dump it all over the floor and in his eyes.
6. Got into the space underneath the TV.  Which, for three years, Elisa has stayed out of with just the rubber band over the handles.  Yeah.  He's not afraid of that.  And once in, he grabbed two batteries and went streaking across the room.  Thankfully we got them back from him.  Time to do some better baby proofing me thinks...
7. Grabbed the TV remote and tossed it into the bathtub.  With water in it.


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Sharon Grover said...

I think it is just a boy thing. Ryan is much more curious than his big sister ever was. I can guarantee if there is anything in a room that Ryan shouldn't touch he will. Keep being consistant in your disclipine and I try to get him things to help fill his need to explore (like a sensory box). We really limit the rooms that Ryan has access because he doesn't seem to have any fear. I could just look at Kaylen with my mom face and she will start crying, not with Ryan. He requires loving hands on disclipline. It will get better. Chin up!