Tuesday, May 25, 2010



I have been seriously remiss in my duties to keep you updated on my progress. I will have to get on mommy to be a bit more diligent in updating you all.

So what's new with me? Well, I'm 12 lbs 1 oz!


Yes, ME!

Mommy and Daddy are always marveling at my rolls now. It's kinda funny when they wiggle my thighs just to see the fatty part there jiggle.

I've also begun napping during the day. In my CRIB! Yes, really. I wasn't too happy about mommy putting her foot down with this one, but the more I do it, the more I like it. I'm hoping to get my naps down to two long ones a day rather than 3 short ones. I know mommy and daddy would like those extra hours to be productive.

I also got to meet my Aunt Karen and Katrine for the first time! As well as my dog cousin, Elvis. It was really fun, and I behaved. For the most part. I only became cranky when I was tired!

OH and I get to try carrots today! I'll try to get mommy to tell you all about it after I had them. I'm excited, but not so sure of this strangely colored stuff. Guess we'll see!!

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, get her to nap in other places too besides the crib so she'll be able to fall asleep ANYWHERE...made that mistake with Becca who for the longest time wouldn't do this. Joshua can (and still will/does) drop off with no issues but it takes her a little longer.