Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm still here!

I'm just growing.  I'm so glad mommy fought so hard to help my tummy because I sure do like my food and it was no fun when my tummy hurt all the time.  As you can see, I'm learning lots of new skills.  I like to sit up but mostly I like to try to scoot on my belly or my back.  My favorite thing to do when I get mad is to bounce my hips up and down and scoot backwards on the floor.  The only problem with that is I tend to hit my head on things.  Like the fireplace.  Or the toy box.  Or the chest.

That sure doesn't feel good.  But my pooper sure does!  :)

I even love my big sister.

Yes.  My crazy big sister.

Who does some mean things.  Like take my toys or shove me over and over until I roll into the wall or something.  Or who even tries to help mommy and daddy with me by giving me my sippy with water.  Even if I don't want it.  Or eats raw onions whole.

Yeah she can be a little weird.  But you know what?  She makes me laugh.

She sure is something special and I sure do love her.  I can't wait until I can keep up with her.  And I'm not far, really.  I keep getting onto my elbows and knees and rocking.  It's not long until I figure out how to actually be on all fours.  Then mommy and daddy will REALLY be in for it.

Bye for now!

P.S.  Can you tell mommy got a new toy?  Boy are we in for it now, we will soon know what the stars feel like with the paparazzi!


dizzyblonde said...

What a delightful family you have!

Chris D. said...

That is a hoot!