Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good-bye July, Hello August

Hard to believe that there is more of this year gone than there is until it's end.  And Aidan is almost 8 months.  And Elisa is almost three years old.

Another year here and gone before it seems like it even got started.

Since Andrew recently gifted me with a real camera, I have been just trying to see what I can do with it.  I don't claim to be good or know what I'm doing, I'm just enjoying capturing the children on "film" and having a quality of photo that I can actually get printed.  I am fast running out of space on the fridge and have added one too many picture frame to my collection.  I'm running out of room of places to put them.  And I still have more coming.  Think it's time to actually go buy a photo album...

A friend of mine recently posted one of those photo challenges you see occasionally on Facebook and decided I'd try it.  Hopefully I can learn more about the camera so I can get more complicated photos.  But right now I'm stuck actually getting the manual settings to work.  I need a class on just running my camera.  :-/

I need you to help keep me honest.  I have to take a photo every day in August and it has to be something that describes the word for that day.

So...here goes.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to take @ least a photo a day & started Jan 1. Taking random things that make up our world. Sheryl

Anonymous said...

read the list on the computer now and not just my phone. going to pick it up and use for my challenge.