Sunday, September 18, 2011

The making of a nursery

I kept my promise to myself. It's basically done. Done as much as it can be until we know if this Shrimp is a he or a she. All the final "flourishes" will be done in either "pink" or "blue" depending on what this one turns out to be!

It's been a lot of fun really. I was too afraid to do much preparations for Elisa. After so many losses, I couldn't comprehend that I would actually bring a baby home and couldn't possibly plan ahead in the fear that something happened that even she wouldn't come home. So by 26 weeks all I had was a crib, chest, changing table and some crib sheets. And, as you know if you've followed my story, by 26 weeks I was in the hospital in imminent danger of delivering.

So this time, I promised myself I would finish the nursery BEFORE the baby came. And, well, I did! (Of course it was easier this time since all the components were there, just had to be put back together for a newborn. :) )

The last picture is the blanket I made. Elisa was given a few as gifts, like this one:

And I just HAD to have one for the new baby. I couldn't bear to part with either of the ones made for Elisa, so looked up how to make these and made myself one. It didn't turn out too badly for my first attempt. I'm too much of a perfectionist to be entirely pleased. It's not exactly straight and the ties are a bit "short" and uneven. However, the new kiddo isn't going to know and care.

Now...onto names....

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