Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This is basically going to a post about random thoughts and happenings over the last few days. Probably won't be all that organized because to be honest, I'm completely and thoroughly exhausted. A months worth of sleep deprivation takes it toll on you eventually.

To start, it's now official. I failed the three hour test. I have officially been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I'm only 23 weeks. To think they don't test until 27 weeks. Again, my intuition was right. Just glad I have a doctor this time who is listening to my intuition. Just think if they wouldn't have and would have insisted on waiting until 27 weeks to test me. I'd go almost two months undiagnosed. I have my first "nutritionist" appointment the 19th. Hopefully I can get some good advice so I can start eating and feeling full again. And supposedly I'll end up with more energy as well.

I'm still having random contractions. Maybe 6 or 7 in a 24 hour period. Most likely normal, but I'll be asking. I hate contractions of any sort. After delivering prematurely due to undetermined pre-term labor just the idea of these contractions freaks me out. I just wish they would go away. I've also heard rumors, that I haven't verified with medical professionals, that GD can cause pre-term labor. Probably if not managed and not watched closely enough. Makes me wonder if the GD I had with Elisa, seeing as how I got it this time NOT on the terb, was actually there before I landed in the hospital and contributed to the start of the labor.

A friend of mine lent us her daughters winter 18-24 months clothes to help get us through the winter without purchasing a massive wardrobe (although I still bought a little too much..) and in going through it I found the same onesie, in the 24 month version, that Elisa wore on her plane trip home from Arizona!

And here she is in it. It's hard to see it under the blankets

Man that brings me back. Guess it's what I'll be putting her in on Dec 18th of this year.

We've had some beautiful weather here the last few days. Just perfect for sleeping with the windows open and spending hours outside! It's been cool enough to break out some of the winter clothes and I've been loving it! Just makes winter seem like it's just around the corner.

Elisa has two new "loves" recently. Swinging in the big girl swing and coloring. In this picture, she is so intent on swinging, even though it's putting her to sleep. Every time I asked her if she wanted to play something else, she would adamantly say "no" and "swinging!" So I kept swinging her. Finally she decided a snack was more to her liking and we avoided an early bed time.

I've used the love of coloring to my advantage recently also.

Yup, give her a piece of paper, some crayons and sit her at the table and she's ok even with her breathing treatment! Hey, whatever works.

So that's it for today. Another shot in the morning, another appointment next week and then one the week after. Seems I'll be in a lot of doctors offices between now and December. Much prefer that rather than in a NICU.

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Jamee Lynn said...

Love the post and can't wait until shrimp is born so we can have our all carb party whoop whoop! Love you guys!