Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another first

And hopefully last until the "official" trip in December.

Yup, got an impromptu tour of the Labor & Delivery ward. Around 2:30 yesterday, started having contractions, random, but would get up to 4 an hour. Finally around 6, after having drank 60 some oz of water, laying down, changing positions all to no avail, called the on call doc who advised to go ahead and come on in. Even though I wasn't at the 6 an hour threshold. So we went, got looked at and sent home.

The cause? Don't know really. I am still high and tightly closed. I had a slight temperature and even more sugar in my urine. Yet another indicator of the gestational diabetes. Love how those keep coming to smack me in the face. With the slight temperature, the nurse theorized I may have an infection and that could be causing the contractions. The contractions were more "irritations" than actual contractions too, meaning they lasted less than 40 seconds. So they sent me home after giving me a medication to calm the uterus and with advice to just keep an eye on it and come back if it got worse. Thankfully the medication did calm everything and I've not had one since I left last night.

Good to know that at least this doctor is paying attention to me and taking me seriously. Now...everything should hopefully stay calm for another 16-17 weeks!!!

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Sarah said...

I am glad that you got checked out. I had a lot of visits to L&D but I usually waited longer and then got told off for not coming in soon enough. I am glad you went in so quickly. Also glad the contractions weren't doing anything! Did they give you terbutaline? That stuff makes me feel horrible! It did calm my uterus sometimes though so I have a love/hate relationship with it.
Take it easy. I hope everything clears up soon and you are feeling better and the contractions stay away for good. You are doing a great job mama! If you are ever questioning, go in to L&D! Here they were always glad I came in.
Many prayers for many, many more weeks. :)