Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OB update

Regularly scheduled OB appointment today as well as a follow up to Monday's episode. fFN was negative. And I requested a cervix length check just because of the cramping and contractions that have come with this UTI. Just because I'm closed at the bottom, doesn't mean the same applies to the top.

Good thing I did. I did loose some length, but am still good and long at 3.6. They start getting concerned at 2.5 and below. Only real item that can give you pause is that there is evidence of funneling. Meaning the cervix is starting to open from the top and that there is some productivity occurring with the contractions.

Plan of action? I'm to "take it easy." Stay off my feet as much as possible. Not do much really but work. This doctor went so far as to say that I'm too "intelligent and savvy" to accept any answer of "in-action" so even though evidence does not really support the action, she will put me on tocalytics if I continue to contract, especially if they increase. Funny to me that I've apparently proven my mettle enough to her that she now recognizes I know my stuff and that I am to be taken seriously when I present a concern. Because I am not just a nervous nelly who jumps and over reacts to every tiny thing. She even said she trusts me to bring to their attention anything I find odd and to request that it be checked out. She knows I won't just sit on my butt and wonder what this could be. I'm apparently a person of action. Who is now supposed to take it easy. Lol...for this baby's sake I guess I'll be taking it easy even though it is entirely against my nature to just lounge around. Especially without the confinement of a hospital. I'd still rather be at home.


Angela Marshall said...

Lisa if you need anything please let me know. Please try to take it as easy as possible. We all want a full term baby

Angela Marshall said...

Lisa please let me know if you need anything. Please take it as easy as possible. We all want another full-term baby