Sunday, July 24, 2011


All we need is a mommy hug.

Elisa came home yesterday for the first time since Wednesday. She was VERY happy to be home and once she walked into the room where I was, she found me on the couch and asked to be "up." She then snuggled down on my shoulder and laid there for a good five minutes. She just wanted a mommy hug.

And again, this morning, the thunderstorm woke her up so she got some extra time sleeping with us in bed. She was fighting going back to sleep and I was laying with my back to her when I suddenly feel her little hand on my arm, trying to lift it up. So I lean back and lift my arm up and down her head goes on my shoulder where she settles in and snoozes for about 10 minutes.

She may no longer want to cuddle herself to sleep with me, she may have turned into a total daddy's girl, but it's moments like these when I know she does still love me. And so I'll soak up as many mommy hugs as she wants.

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Jamee Lynn said...

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