Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Odd dreams?

I don't necessarily know if dreams are ever "foreshadowing" of events to come. I'm more along the lines of it's telling me what I'm worrying about.

So last night, when I finally got to sleep, I dreamed that I was in pre-term labor again. In Arizona and in the hospital. The doctor who was my primary care peri, and is now retired, came and took me out of the hospital, mag drip and all. Placed me into a personal car, which my mother was driving, to take me to a different hospital so that he could "try again" to get me to term. As if it bothered him that I didn't with Elisa. I woke up after he took me back to the original hospital because it was better for me than the one he was trying to sneak me into anyway.

I guess despite all my laid back, it is what it is, thoughts and feelings, I'm more worried about it than even I realize? It kind of was brought to the fore front as well when I received an initial hiccup to the p17 shots. The insurance company denied the initial request to have the shots brought to me and given to me at home. When I first heard the news, it made me wonder will they deny them all together? And it really upset me. Turns out I'll just have to drive to the doctor's office once a week. Rather depressing start to a week that was followed by a great holiday weekend.


Sarah said...

I had dreams like that. IT got to the point where I could hardly sleep with my fourth. :( I really had a hard time when I found out I was allergic to the P17 injection. It seemed SO unfair to me. I am glad they will cover it for you in the doctor's office. Praying for you!

Beth said...

Our minds just don't help us sometimes. The dreams are always hard to get away from, but just remember them for what they are. Your mind blowing off steam so that during the day you need not think or worry about those silly things.