Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Simple pleasures

*Driving on the open road with the sunroof open, music blaring, smelling the fresh air and sun shining on your shoulders.

*Listening to your daughter laugh with pure joy while playing with her.

*Hearing "I love you" come from her little mouth and having her arms wrapped around your neck.

*Feeling the muted kicks of this new little one.

*Reminders of how far we have come and how blessed we are

(I often forget how small she was. Seeing her head in relation to my hand is just a wow moment.)

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Appleriko said...

I love this post! I tend to forget simple pleasures. I was like, how could I get a pleasure here! I am having a hard time. but actually there are lots of "simple pleasures" which we can cherish every day. Just like chatting with a good friend like you, Lisa. :)) a good weather day. :))

Thank you for a sweet note. :))