Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a fun day!

Yeah. This is going to be one of those weekends that I need a week to recover from.

Decided to take advantage of the little bit of energy I had while I had it.

The day started with some good ole organizing and cleaning. Meaning I finally packaged up all the clothes in the corner of the bedroom that were meant to be donated as I no longer wore them. Some were as old as college days that I just couldn't part with. But my bulging closet and lack of room for more clothes determined the need to get rid of a large portion of my unused wardrobe and give it to someone who would actually get use out of it.

Then came good ole fashioned retail therapy. In the form of some Halloween decorations and, well, more organizational tools. Finally had an idea of what to do with that darn catch all breakfast bar in the kitchen. Hopefully when it's done, that counter can remain a bit cleaner.

The day is never complete without doing something for someone else. Even though being pregnant prevented me from joining in the fun, I did "supervise" a crew from Quest as they raked lawns in a nearby neighborhood. Next up? Raking each others lawns! :) Something I will truly enjoy. Again from the sidelines. But maybe this time I can make some cookies. That I can't eat, but hey, it's not for me is it?

Finally, after dinner with friends and family we went to the Pumpkin Parade! It was our first time visiting but was really a neat idea. Lots of local organizations carved pumpkins, placed them along a path in the park and opened it up for everyone to walk through. There were some very creative pumpkins. Including one with the words "RIP Mom" carved in it...hmmm. Wonder if I should be scared about that one...

Elisa even became an honorary firefighter! :) She actually posed for a picture!

Tomorrow means even more crafting (I know, two weekends in a row?!), building the shelves for my organizational idea and putting up more Halloween decorations. Yeah, I'm going to be tired come Monday.

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