Sunday, October 9, 2011


On this day, I was picked up extra early by the shuttle service to head to the airport. I think it was something stupid early like 4 am or something. I remember thinking it was odd that the cramping I'd been experiencing only in the evenings was still there that morning, but I dismissed it. I chatted with the driver, and was excited as I knew this would be my last plane ride of the year. Little did I know.

I board my plane, all seems well. I'm trying to stay hydrated. Hard to do on a plane. Land for the layover in Minneapolis I believe and go on the hunt for a bathroom. Found it hard to believe that EVERY bathroom on the long trek from one gate to the next was CLOSED for cleaning. Was it a conspiracy? Not only were they closed, but only the WOMEN'S were closed. I chatted with a vendor right across from the bathroom and she said she would just go to the door and tell them I'm pregnant and I gotta pee! Thankfully, one opened up right then. I was desperate enough I would have gone in the mens lol.

I don't notice the cramping at this point, think I was just too busy. I remember feeling extremely tired but chalked it up to being 26 weeks pregnant and flying. Flying takes it out on me at the best of times. Finally we load the plane and leave for Phoenix.

I remember the descent into Phoenix and I had this odd flutter/feel in my chest. Like an odd inclination that SOMETHING wasn't right. But I didn't know what it was. Left the plane and headed to baggage claim to wait for my checked bags. On the way, I found yet another bathroom (ahh the life of the late 2nd trimester, early 3rd trimester). While in there, I noticed something odd. That something was THE plug.

And I went, that's not good.

So I called my OB's office, who advised me to head to the nearest hospital. I didn't go right away. No, I had luggage to get and a rental car to pick up. Why on EARTH I thought it was a good idea to wait in an hour long line at the rental car company, not to mention the shuttle ride over there is beyond me. But all I can think is I must not have been that worried. I mean, those re-grow right?

Finally get my car and head down the highway. A local friend had recommended I go to Banner Good Samaritan as it was right by the airport and right off the highway. I tried to follow the hospital signs from the highway, but lets say they were not well marked.

The type A in me was on the phone with the insurance company, making sure that hospital was in network since I didn't have the ability to look it up myself. As I was pulling into the ER parking lot, they advised me it was.

In I went, hustled through the ER in a wheelchair (I still didn't realize I could go straight to L&D) and dropped off at L&D. The triage/admittance nurse taking my information was due the same day I was. I remember looking at her, and looking at myself. I hardly looked pregnant compared to her.

I still remember the shock in the doctor's voice when she checked me, finding out I was dialating and contracting. She had been reassuring me that this happens all the time, it's nothing really. I had even asked her if I should call my husband and she said not yet. Next thing I know, people are flying around me, turning me on the bed, shoving IV's in my arms and shots in my hip. I have NO clue what they are giving me. Later I find out it's starting a big bullos dose of Magnesium and the first round of the steroid shots. Sometime during this I call Andrew. Andrew calls my mom, my mom calls me. At some point someone called my boss. All of this is a blur. Doc comes in with an ultrasound machine to do a quick scan for size and asks me if I knew it was a boy. I didn't and again, the shock in her face of uh oh, she didn't want to know. Then I'm in a hallway. I know my bum is flashing everyone, but the magnesium was making me so sick and I was in such shock, I didn't really care. I start to dry heave. A new doctor, a perinatologist, is standing by my bed telling me they are preparing a room for me (I'd only been in the triage section so far.) The doctor and nurse had to scramble to get a bed pan as I emptied the entire contents of my belly. Next up in the IV was an anti-nausea med.

I don't know where my items are that I brought in with me and at this point I don't care. I know I ended up with all of them at one point later that day. My friend came to visit me who was local and found my rental car and my suitcase so I could take out my contacts. I don't know if I ever washed the makeup off my face. Maybe a nurse did? I don't really remember much from this point on. Too much magnesium maybe. Phone calls telling me my husband would be there in the morning, the hotel I was supposed to go to arranged to pick him up. My parents would be there later that next day. They'd stay in the hotel room arranged for my original stay.

Two years later and two weeks to the DAY further on in my pregnancy. I'm in my own bed, in my own home. The milestones keep coming.

Pretty soon, I'll reach a whole new one. The one of being the MOST pregnant I've ever been. Saturday, October 15th can't get here soon enough.

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