Friday, October 7, 2011

Ringing in the new trimester

With a visit to L&D.

Let's just say that my kiddos know how to create drama. This coming from a person who, really, deplores drama.

Yesterday, I woke up with more of the mild cramping I'd been experiencing with my previous UTI but I noticed it was now intermittent. I decided to burn up some of my vacation time and took yesterday afternoon and today off.

Good thing I did. When around noon, I was still noticing the intermittent pains and some what I call more like contractions (but not painful) I thought I should lay down and count these. Put Elisa down for her nap, and did just that. Imagine my surprise when I counted 9 in one hour. After laying down and downing 64 oz of water. Oh joy. So call into the doctor and 20 minutes later "orders" to go straight to L&D. Drop Elisa off at grandma's and off we went.

Of course we get there and hook up to the monitors and I don't have a single contraction in the first 20 minutes. I'm going, great, they are going to think I just freaked out. Nah, why would I do that? The nurse did seem rather surprised when they started showing up, and not only showing up but increasing in both intensity and frequency. She was rather surprised to hear they didn't hurt. After about 90 minutes she came back and gave me visteril (anti-histamine and anti-anxiety that also has the added effect of relaxing the uterus). Once that kicked in about 45 min later, the intensity and frequency finally began decreasing. Urine sample came back with more UTI. Yup, so I'm guessing the first never entirely went away. After about 2.5 hours, they sent me home with instructions of modified bed rest and to keep my appointment on Wednesday. Also a prescription for this visteril so I can take one when I notice the contractions ramping up again.

So here I am. Lounging in my bed. Fast running out of things to occupy myself (why'd I take today off again?) but I'll deal. I just keep thinking, 7 days from today, Elisa was HERE. One more week and I will reach that "final" milestone of being pregnant the longest I ever have...and that's a milestone that I hope to meet day, after day, after day until at least Dec 8th. If I keep contracting like this, my hopes of pushing delivery off until Dec 22nd (39 weeks) is going down hill fast. Most likely, I'll be lucky to talk her into Dec 8th. But fight for that 37 weeks I will. Tooth and nail.

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Beth said...

I guess it was a dramatic day all around. It gets old resting, really quick but what can you do :) Hope you are feeling better, these darn UTI's really are annoying and scary. Healthy but not boring thoughts coming your way.