Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I can and WILL do this.

Sometimes we just need a good 'ole pep talk. This whole pregnancy thing is hard. Made even harder, for me, anyway, by all the memories and thoughts of what could have, should have been with Elisa.

But the reality is it WASN'T with Elisa, but COULD be for this little one. It really could. I am just 5.5 short weeks away from that amazing magic number of 37.

And you know what? I'm actually going to DO all of those normal, pregnant momma things that I never got a chance to do with Elisa.

The obligatory belly shot. (I swear I looked better in the mirror...I just don't photograph well lol)

I've scheduled a pre-delivery tour with the hospital we will deliver at. Seemed a bit silly since I've already been there twice and have a good idea of what the room looks like. But honestly have no clue what will happen once I get there. So hoping to get those questions answered.

And I've schedule a maternity shoot with my soon to be sister-in-law. She is dabbling in what has always been a hobby for her and since she will be here for Elisa's party this weekend, I asked if she'd be willing to take some of me. I am sooooo excited. I know she'll be able to make my mug look somewhat good.

I'm also planning on speaking with my OB tomorrow about *gasp* scheduling my c-section date!!!! I had originally thought that Dec 22nd would be the perfect day (39 weeks on the dot) but I sit here now and wonder, what about Dec 14th or 18th? Both are very significant days. December 14th was the day Elisa was released from the hospital. December 18th was the day we finally came home. Since I don't know the first thing about scheduling a c-section we will see what they say in terms of what dates I have available to choose from. :)

Fun things I'm finding about this part of the pregnancy.

1. I can no longer see my toes unless I bend forward a little bit.
2. I keep hitting my belly on objects. I'm just not used to it being there!
3. Random strangers keep coming up to either congratulate me or "oooh" and "ahhh" at my belly.
5. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else notices the squirmy belly. Then I have to giggle because I think too much it's like Alien. There's this little human in there squirming and dancing around and one day is going to want out.
6. Someone once said when you get this far you get to do the guess what body part that is game. Yup. Doing it, and it's a blast. Although I do get scared sometimes I'm going to poke something rather important. Oh and I've found, this one pokes back. Buggar.

Ahh two more days to 31. Next appointment - tomorrow. Some day soon I should be getting that third trimester ultrasound thanks to the GD. Wow, this pregnancy has flown past...

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