Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting into the spirit.

The holiday spirit that is.

I haven't really "felt" that spirit for a few years now. Not sure why. Just didn't seem to hold the same excitement and anticipation that it did as a child. I'd have bouts where I was really into it, and then others where I could care less. These last few years have been on the just could care less side.

So I was surprised as I sat here today and I got bitten by a bug. The crafty, holiday spirit, lets decorate the house for Halloween bug. Really?

So...I did. I googled for ideas and suggestions. I found some great things for Elisa's party the end of this month. And I found a how to on making Halloween cut outs.

Now let me preface this picture by saying I am NOT an artist. I am very creative, in my own way. And I have great ideas of things I'd love the create. Unfortunately, they never turn out in real life as I see them in my head. So usually, anything crafty, I leave alone. Still don't know what got into me...

What was even better was I didn't spend a dime on any of this! I used things I already had sitting around at home. Gobs of construction paper from Andrew's teaching days, a bit of laminator paper leftover from a bright idea early last year that, well, never panned out. Elisa loved them. Kept walking up to the pumpkins saying "Hi pumpkin!" Of course, we have to keep admonishing her to not pull them off the door, but her little eyes just lit up watching me put them up.

So for now, I'll sit back and enjoy my little bit of attempt to bring some holiday spirit to our house.

I even have vague notions of changing it out to a more "fall" theme for Thanksgiving. Although...we'll see how I feel when November comes around before I go that far. But right now the idea has merit.

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