Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let's just say

It's not been a good day.

Yesterday was ok. Had my follow up and apparently last appointment with the peri's. Baby looked GREAT. Measured dead on but for the belly, that measured 3 weeks ahead. That was a bit too much of a difference. Tech indicated that it's a classic indicator of Gestational Diabetes. Oh yay. Cervix shortened just a tiny bit (down to 5cm) but the doctors are so not concerned as there is no other indication of a problem. It's probably within the margin of error and on top of that it is still so extremely long (twice the minimum they want to see.) that they released me from their care. Unless something happens from now on. And you never know when the cause of your premature delivery is truly undetermined pre-term labor. Good news, right? I guess. And finally, shrimp cooperated for a beauty shot.

Fast forward to today.

Elisa has been in rare form. Definitely entering the terrible twos. On top of that, she is miserable with allergies. Her poor nose is dripping like a faucet. She's decided that dripping and the associated drool since she can't breathe through her nose is "icky" and freaks whenever she gets some on her hands. She did not sleep well at ALL last night. And decided to disobey mommy and daddy when we told her NOT to stand on the furniture, did anyway and of course she fell. Resulting in one unhappy baby. I went for my weekly p17 shot to finally get confirmation of my diabetes 1 hour test to find out that I did indeed fail. So I get to return tomorrow to do the three hour. What a way to spend my mental health days off. :-/.

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Jamee Lynn said...

Glad that they are saying everything is good with the shrimp. Tell Elisa we will sick uncle ryan on her if she doesn't listen lol.