Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The power of social media?

So, if you've been reading my blog in the recent weeks, then you've seen my absolute outrage over the exorbitant and blatantly money grabbing price increase in the recently approved FDA drug, Makena. You also probably realize that a part of my outrage is because I was to be given this protocol should I ever have any more children, due to the sudden, unexplained premature birth of my first daughter. So I was the definition of the target group of mothers who would need this protocol.

Well, today was a good day in this world. Today, the FDA announced that they would not stop compounding pharmacies from continuing to produce the 17P protocol. Effectively removing the "exclusivity" of the Makena brand.

I've been astounded, honestly, by the backlash I witnessed on social media when the news of this first broke. I mean, I know I'm a bit biased in that it directly affects me, and that my main circle of friends in social media are also preemie moms. So it only makes sense that this news would light up the walls of my friends. And I'm not even certain really how I found the facebook group set up to fight this price increase. But I did. And I'm ever so glad I joined. Because I've gained so much ammunition against KV through the community that built up around this group. It's been loads of fun!

And just today, they were credited with helping to drop the stock prices of KV.

I LOVE it! KV is getting the proverbial kick where it counts backlash and it all seems to have started through the social media. National news outlets are even picking this up and prematurity is on the national stage. Kinda sad that it took a price gouging to get it there, but there it is. And I guess I'll take it.

So for reference, here is the MOD's statement and the FDA's on the announcement today regarding KV and Makena. KV is saying they will have a statement later this week. Wonder what it will be? Oh, maybe we'll raise the price to only $50 a dose? At least that's a much more reasonable, if unnecessary, increase.


Oh, and if you are interested in checking out the facebook page, search for "Shame on you, KV Pharmaceutical and CEO Greg Divis." It's also kinda funny that at one point, if you googled Greg Divis, this page showed up in the top 10 hits. :-D


onesupergrover said...

I have read your last few links.. it is amazing the power of social media. I honestly have been falling behind in reading all of my FB stuff. I try not to jump on bandwagons without doing proper research myself.. but now that I have read it, I will join the group :)

Little M and Baby G said...


I'm so glad that this jerk of a pharmaceutical company is feeling some repercussions.