Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yay for Saturdays!

And for feeling better!

We are just now getting over our third ever illness. Yes. I know. Third. Which is nothing, really, for being 17 months old. We've truly been lucky that Elisa does not get sick often at all. Especially when you consider that we technically have a compromised immune system.

So when we woke up this morning and seemed to be more "ourself," and it was an absolutely gorgeous day, I thought, why spend it inside.

So outside we went. And we played. And played. And played. We even managed to scuff up our knee and earn ourselves a band aid. Which we promptly took off.

All this playing gave Elisa an appetite like I haven't seen in days. We were too impatient to even wait for me to break her piece of bread up. Either that, or we have decided we can "do it myself." Oh dear.

We've even learned a new "word" for lack of a better thing to call it. Whenever she sees or hears a car she goes "rmm, rmm!" I think she's trying for the "vrmmm vrmmm" sound but V is beyond us at the moment.

So for now, we are heading to bed after a completely rewarding day.


Beth said...

Glad she is feeling better and looking super cute! We've been sick once and it about did me in (I know, once what do I have to complain about). I am enjoying watching her grow and blossom with spring.

Appleriko said...

Why is she soooooo Cute!? lol