Monday, March 28, 2011

I taught Mommy a lesson

See, my mommy is crazy. She's what's known as a type A personality and everything and I mean EVERYTHING has it's own SPECIAL place. I mean, my silly mommy has been known to come into my room at night and make sure I'm sleeping in my bed right. And if I'm not she "fixes" me. I mean, come on mommy, how do you sleep in a bed wrong!!!

So tonight, Mommy asked me to pick up my toys like she does every night. And tonight, I decided to show her I could. So she hands me my pinwheel and tells me to put it away. But mommy wanted me to put it in my toy box. So instead, I put it in my toy cabinet. When mommy turned around to tell me, again, to put it away, she was very surprised to see me closing the cabinet with my toy inside.


Then mommy laughed. See, she realized that I DID put it away. It might not have been where she would have put it, but it WAS away. So she gave me my other toys, and I put them in my toy cabinet also.

Mommy gave me a big hug. She was very proud of me for putting my toys away. :)

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