Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's update

Are y'all tired of me yet? I figure I have enough time now to actually update this thing, lol. So I may as well.

Not too much to update today. Doc came and talked to me and said they wanted to place me on a diabetic drug. I don't remember the name. She said it was because my sugar levels were consistently getting worse. But in reality, I've only been over 160 three times since they've tested me. The rest have been 140 and below. And they really just want to see it at 140. They also wanted me to consider stopping the terbutilene to correct the problem and go to another, oral, anti-contraction drug. But my thoughts are...why rock the boat? The terb is working and the diabetes is NOT that bad. In face my last two readings today have been in the low 120's!! Which is just high normal. So that totally refutes the docs statement that the sugar levels are getting worse.

Also, I had a few contractions start up for a little bit again today. Really not contractions, but irritability. So I got an extra monitoring. But it stopped on it's own after about 30 min. And Shrimp didn't behave this morning in her monitoring and had what I thought were too many decels lasting too long. But the nurse explained they weren't as long as I thought and were in fact in normal ranges (never went below 120 but for once). Of course nervous mom doesn't feel the same way.

And, my uncle from Michigan showed up unexpectedly! Here I am just working away this morning, the door opens and I look up to see my uncle and my mind just can't make the connection, lol. It was too early in the morning. He is in Tuscon for business and had free morning so decided to take a trip up to see me. It was definitely a welcome intrusion!!

So anyway, I'll head to bed I think. Atleast do some reading and wait for my evening monitoring and then bedtime. And then it's Friday and then Saturday! Not that it matters as not that it changes much for me, lol. I'll still get woken at 6am by the med student for my morning check up.

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