Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 more days down!

And one was eventful and one wasn't!

Friday, they started me on this glibutribe or something like that. I've not actually seen the medication's name and that's what it sounds like, lol. It's supposed to control my "high" blood sugar. And I've been high, yes, but not out of control high, so I was opposed to it. They gave me two options, stop the terbutilene pump and go to another form of contraction control or start on this diabetic drug. As I was NOT stopping the terb, I opted for the diabetic drug. I did ask for a second opinion, but the original doctor did come back in and explain their reasoning for believing I needed to be on this drug, so I reluctantly agreed. My highest reading up to this point was 168. They shoot for 140 and below, optimally 120. All but 4 of the 12 readings I'd had up to this point were below 140. My reading the first day, after the first meal, on this drug? 231. I was livid. And yes, I actually threw a fit. I know that will surprise some of you but I really can put my foot down when I feel it's justified, lol. So they agreed to let me have my "experiment" which was to have another day w/o the diabetic drug and see what my sugars did on their own. I'll get to more of that in a moment.

Later on Friday, I began to feel a few contractions. As it was time for the nightly monitoring anyway, I called the nurse in and they began the monitoring then. Shrimp did well, thankfully, but I apparently had 6 contractions in that one hour (which I didn't feel but for 2) so they gave me a demand dose of the terb. 1 hour later I was still having 6 contractions in an hour. All of them were random, no pattern to it, so while they were concerning, they weren't that big of a problem. But they dosed me with terb again and started an IV thinking maybe I was dehydrated. Did the trick. I stopped with the addition of the IV fluids. I asked the doc how much water I should be drinking as I was having 60+ oz a day, and apparently I need to have 90+. I've had 120 or there abouts today, and I can tell you, I do notice a difference. I did not realize I was that dehydrated.

This morning I woke up and was able to begin my experiment. My first reading after breakfast...175, and lunch was 151. Neither were all that good but dinners was 125! So it's gone down all day. The doctor did, however, "inform" me this morning that they were allowing me this experiment but I "will" be going back on the diabetic drug tomorrow. I didn't say really anything but thought to myself "whatever." I see two doctors a day, a resident in the morning and an attending in the afternoon. The attending came by later in the day and neither advocated for or against the diabetic drug, but did give me the 140 or below number. I think he thought I was of the impression that I wasn't getting good care because he was very concerned with letting me know they were only doing what was best for me. I assured him I was not in anyway upset with their care for me. He has me pegged though. He's like, you are in a situation you can't control and it is driving you nuts, isn't it? Umm, well, ummm, maybe? Dang, didn't think I was that transparent! Anyway, he was nothing but complimentary of me and my attitude throughout all of this, especially given the extremely unique circumstances I'm in and the very rough beginning we had. He said every day that goes by with no issues increases my chances of getting to full term. And he said that he would not have considered the contractions (they call the recording of everything your "strip") on my strip to be as concerning as they thought last night. He said he would have "tolerated" them as they really weren't as dangerous as they were made out to be.

So I now have 24 more days to go till 32 weeks. Shrimp is still baking. And yes, I will still call her Shrimp, even if it is a her. She was Shrimp before we knew if she was a boy or a girl and she will be Shrimp until the day I die, lol.

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