Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holy Cow, it's a...

GIRL! I am shocked as I thought for sure after docs comments last week that it would be a boy! We ended up with a surprise ultrasound because of, what I think, was some equipment malfunction. The baby monitor was showing frequent deceleration of the heart and they thought me back down to labor and delivery so they could do constant monitoring on both baby and contractions. Of course things cleared up there as there never was a problem. Tech checked baby and normally it takes her forever to get 30 seconds of breathing movement, but Shrimp obliged immediately with that. Baby scored perfect in the ultrasound and had plenty of amniotic fluid. Since it took so little to get the score in, we asked the tech if she could confirm the sex and we got a perfect shot of what were definitely girl parts! I couldn't really believe it because odds were against us on actually having a girl with Andrew having only brothers. We would have been happy either way, but this is definitely a nice surprise! So come on little girl Shrimp, keep baking!

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