Sunday, October 18, 2009

New developments

No no, don't worry. Nothing too big. I just wonder if Shrimp is giving me this much heartburn and she's not even here yet, what it will be like when she gets older. And I don't mean heartburn in the literal sense, I mean worry.

As a lot of you know I'm a chronic worrier to begin with. I had thought the deceleration in Shrimp's heart beat was an equipment malfunction on Friday night what with the numbers they were telling me making it look like the machine became confused over if it was finding my heart beat or Shrimp's. So last night, they brought in a different monitor that also monitor's my heart beat so they could tell the different. Well, last night, Shrimp had the same decels, going from in the 150's to 70's or 90's. Happened twice in an hour then was done. Docs think that Shrimp is resting on her cord and squeezing it, but she moves immediately when the decels occur and the heart beat goes back to normal. Docs also say this is not that uncommon of an occurrence, that any baby at this gestation has a tendency to do that. But they considered sending me back to L&D last night for more constant monitoring. In the end, they got a good hour where Shrimp stayed off her cord so left me in my room. Decels again in the monitoring this morning, but not near as severe, only down into the 120's which is actually a normal deceleration and not at all worrisome. But I did ask the doc when these decels become a concern. The thing is they aren't that frequent so doctors aren't really worried and only 1% of babies showing this end up suffocating themselves. With that being said, they will just monitor Shrimp a bit closer to make sure she continues to move off her cord. They will not really deliver her unless things really look bad as even with these decels, it's safer to leave her in than to deliver her at this point. Doc said if I were 34 weeks plus, they would look much harder at delivering her.

And then the second piece of news is that thanks to the medication I have been placed on to control the meds, I now have gestational diabetes. So now I get to go on a diet. Yes, me, on a diet. BOOO. But whatever it takes. So my meals are about to get interesting, yummy.

So 27 weeks and 5 days now. Only 1 more day until I'm 28 weeks. 30 days to 32 weeks. Bring it on!

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