Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a....


Lol, not really. This is a frontal view of Shrimp, and to be honest it sorta creeps me out. I much prefer the profile views because this one, just really makes Shrimp look like an alien.

Now here's the awwww how cute view.

So Shrimp had a check up and he/she is doing well. Measured bang on dates and weighed 8 oz. It actually went rather quickly, even though I think we ended up with about 30 minutes of dvd at the end of the session. But all was perfectly formed with Shrimp, heart beating well. Started off sleeping again, of course. Woke up a little after a while and we watched as Shrimp played with his/her nose several times. Was rather adorable. Also watched as he/she practiced breathing. Turned over a few times, but right now he/she is facing downward.

So as I said Shrimp is doing well. Turns out I have what's called a heart shaped uterus that's possibly a complete bicornuate uterus. It means that my uterus never developed properly when I was a fetus. And the short of it is I most likely have TWO uterus'. It looked like it's possibly straight down the middle, but it's hard to tell because the side that Shrimp is on is obviously much bigger at the moment. So this puts me at a higher risk of pre-term labor and a breech baby. The breech I can handle, that's just a c-section and although not my first choice, as long as Shrimp is healthy I don't care how he/she gets here. It does, however, increase my already high anxiety. But we did talk about that as well while there and I've been placed back on anti-depressants. This should solve 3 of the chronic problems I've experienced since atleast 2006 - insomnia, depression and anxiety.

On a positive note, we found a crib tonight! Thanks mom and dad! :) I have to wait until September for it to be delivered though. Really wanted it to come home tonight, but oh well. All good things come with a wait, right? :)

Oh and I'll try to update the post later with some better pics of Shrimp. I'm tired and took these with my phone and they are rather limited on changing their layout and clarity. So I've spent enough time here and now need to sleep.

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