Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take THAT prematurity! I win!

For the moment at least.  At this point in time we have kicked prematurity's butt.  It may rear it's ugly head a little later in life, but right now, I'm reveling in victory.

You see, we were tested today for assessment for a special needs preschool.  Which we knew she didn't need but as a part of her transition out of the early intervention she's been in since she came home, the school district assesses them to see if they need to continue services with them.

And we floored the therapist.  Her verbal skills were beyond what even the 6 year olds in the program were doing.  She could not believe this little bugger was once a 2lb 13oz baby in an incubator just learning how to BREATHE. 

When shown a picture of a window and asked what it was, she smartly answered "a picture of a window!"

Yeah, I think my child may have gotten my sarcastic sense of humor.

So needless to say, we passed with flying colors.  It seems that the therapist even felt like she had to come up with some sort of "issue" to present us with and could only mention she doesn't properly pronounce her c's, g's and f's but even those were 3-5 year old skills so she would just be BEGINNING to pronounce those.  Anyway, it doesn't have enough of a bearing on her development to be a concern and still wouldn't qualify her.

So we will bask in this moment of sticking it to prematurity.  Sometimes, we do win.  And when we do, it's oh so glorious.

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