Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8 months old

And cranky.  He's got me stumped at the moment.  Not eating well, not sleeping, pulling at his ear and yet no cold symptoms and no fever.  Teething as always but just generally unhappy.

These are all I got for his 8 month photo shoot.  We don't have another official weigh in until next month but I'm estimating his weight to be about 21 lbs.  Yes, 21 lbs.  He was 20.5 lbs the last time we sat him on a scale.  It makes me do a double take every time I look at him and realize, this was the size Elisa was and she was walking.  No wonder people looked at her strangely.

Some observations I'm noticing about him.

1.  He's not quite as adventurous as Elisa was, and prefers to take his time with picking up new skills.  He is, however, more curious so I have a feeling we will actually be needing to baby proof more than we did with her.  He is army crawling very well and now we are finding him in the kitchen or at the gate to the rest of the house.  He wants to crawl and is trying hard to get from that sitting to crawling position and then yells because he can't figure it out.

2.  He is much more of a solids baby, but he is PICKY.  If the solids have too much chunk in them, he grimaces and gags.  He does not like his bottle.  Period.  Even more so these last few days.

3.  He is very laid back and has to get pushed pretty far before he gets angry.  But when he gets angry, oh boy.  You better know what it is he wants because if he doesn't have it right away you are in trouble.  But the laid back part is good, since his sister likes to make his life interesting.

4.  He seems much more aware of us than Elisa was.  He notices when we leave the room and gets mad.  Depends on the day who it is he wants.  Today, it was daddy and every time daddy left the room, he cried.  The other day, I was the one he wanted.  So he crawled over to me and pulled on my arm and then wouldn't let go.  I'll admit, I smiled.

I'm sure I'll add more as I think of them.  Right now, it's dinner time.

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Beth said...

I am sure you hear this all the time, but those eyes are just so amazing. So pretty, or I should say handsome. Funny our termies sound a lot alike in personality especially compared to our preemies. Congrats he is looking big, and I can't believe how time is flying!