Saturday, August 4, 2012

August - Day 4. Somewhere you sat

I had an idea with my desk chair and the tree in our front yard, but the sky was cloudy all day.  And without a drop of rain.   I keep telling it if it is going to just be grey and depressing all day, at least do the decency to rain.  But since I spend the majority of my week in my desk chair, I thought it was the perfect subject.  Oh well.

So I went for sentimentality instead.  This chair was my grandmother's and when she died in 2005, all of her children chose the items from her house that he/she wanted.  I think every piece of furniture ended up in one of her children's or grandchildren's home.  This chair, though, I believe was one that was just shoved on a truck hoping someone would take it.  And I ended up with it lol.  It's not my style but fits perfectly in the eclectic style of my main living space.  And somehow just works with the curtains lol.  But it's something I will never get rid of or ever reupholster.  Even in it's 1970's glory, it sat in my grandmother's home for years and while I have no real fond memories of it (it sat in one of her guest rooms) it is in some way a piece of her.  It will always be my grandmother's chair.  And yes, I have sat in it!

Oh and just a it does sit in my main living space it never is this put together.  Elisa loves to pile all of her stuffed toys on it and pull the arm rest covers off of it and the seat cushion off.  I made sure to do this during their naps lol!  Life with young children.  :)

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