Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend randoms

Over all, it was a great weekend. We started out with a visit to the Tour de NICU a friend put together. It was an amazingly well done event that's purpose was to raise money for the March of Dimes. After getting rained out of the March for Babies, it was even more enjoyable to spend some time with some other miracles.

It was, however, odd to feel "embarrassed" to have the only term baby in the bunch. Not sure that's the right term, but I definitely was more prone to brag on my preemie than my termie even though I am very thankful for my termie.

Speaking of my termie.

Here are some random thoughts/observations I've made about him so far at 5 months old.

1. You have a temper. In fact, if your need is not met in the exact moment it enters your head, all heck breaks loose. On Saturday, I put you down on the floor so that I could go make you a bottle, of which you were asking for and lets just say that was a bad idea. You proceeded to roll in blinding anger all while screaming your head off from the trunk into the kitchen. Going from the soft carpet to the hard wood was an even more anger provoking event. Then you decided to sort of roll between each side, sticking your little bum in the air and I could just see the desire to pound your little hands on the floor a la toddler tantrum. Let me remind you, sweetie. You are just 5 months old. You have 12 more months before you are allowed tantrums like that.

2. You are determined. So determined that you don't give up, even in the midst of an all out melt down because you can't get whatever it is accomplished that you are trying to do. I see your little bum in the air, as above, many a time as you are trying to figure out how to move FORWARD while on your belly. Unfortunately, your hands haven't quite gotten the message and you somehow think that crawling involves standing on your tippy toes and arms to gain forward motion. Not quite my love, but I'm sure you'll get there.

3. You are stubborn. I'm starting to think your stubbornness even out ranks your father's and mine. Which is quite a feat, as your father and I are some of the most incredibly stubborn people I think the world has ever seen. Funny how we married each other, but maybe that's why it works lol.

And to end, here is just a random photo snapped early one morning. I was snuggling with Aidan and Elisa wanted to join. It was a rare moment where she didn't demand that I put him down and focus entirely on her. Instead she basked in the moment of being with both her mommy and her brother.

Don't judge. We were all still in our pj's lol.


Anonymous said...

I'm growed and have no kids and there are days i don't take my pj's off!
Chris D.

Anonymous said...

There are somedays I dont' take my pj's off and I am growed up with no kids! chris d

Anonymous said...

There are some days I don't even bother to put pj's Why waste time out of the day to do that?????