Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I need to get serious.

About getting my body back after Aidan.

Granted, those of you that know me in person are probably screaming "Lose weight?  YOU?  Pregnancy and those extra 5 lbs were a blessing!"

Well, it's not that I want to lose numbers on the scale.  I don't.  But when your skin on your back jiggles when you are burping your child it's kinda like an "ew" factor to your psyche.  So I don't want to lose numbers, but "re-organize" where the extra stuff lives.  If that's even possible.  Aside from moving the flab around, I really need to get on this to help prevent the inevitable diabetes I am now seriously at risk for.  2x gestational diabetes and a diet high in carbs with no exercise.  Yeah, I'm a ticking time bomb.

So here's the problem.  I hate exercising.  I always have.  I always find some excuse not to.  I haven't gotten on it yet with Aidan.  My excuse first was he's too small, I don't want to waste my limited energy on exercising.  Then it was I was nursing so trying to do any vigorous exercising with boobs full of milk was, well, unappealing.  Now, I have neither of those excuses.  So I just gotta do it.

I'm looking for suggestions.  Fun, easy, quick ways to get a good work out in that doesn't necessarily burns calories but does help shift things.  Like I want my flatter belly back instead of this bulge left over from my AWESOME (and I don't mean that sarcastically!  I loved having a big belly finally!) belly.  What did you do to get your body back after baby?


Miss M said...

I wear Amelia in a carrier while pushing a stroller with Greyson in it when we take walks. And she's almost always in my arms. Lifting an extra 15lbs all day long adds up.
Oh, and I give the kids airplane rides every day. (On my back and lift them up with my legs)

Anonymous said...

Swimming can be both fun and is great exerciese