Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brick walls

Hurt when you run into them.

And it seems I've run into more of them than my fair share lately.

Today was particularly trying and as I ran into the same brick wall I've been running into for 5 months now, to be knocked down once again, well, I just shut down.

It's all I could do. I had to stop fighting for a moment. After all, you can only run into so many before you are bruised and bloody and broken and you have to rest and heal before you can start the fight again.

And after spending an evening tickling and filling my head with the sound of childish laughter, re-validating my belief of what the problem is and turning to the support of friends and family to remind me that yes, I am right and yes, something is wrong I am ready to fight again.

Bring it. Before Elisa I was that girl that when pushed too far I just stopped pushing back, even if I knew I was right and especially when it came to medical issues.

Now? Now, I know my children. I know when something is wrong and I'm tired of being discounted and pushed aside in my belief in what the problem is.

I'm refreshed. And I'm fighting again.

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