Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aidan and his pooper

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you've probably seen the ensuing drama that has been occurring with Aidan and his pooper.  Poor kid, his pooper is going to be well known as a bone of contention with me and his doctor in his early life.  Without going into details, it's just never been "right."  It's led to some intense pain while pooping and passing gas and even into some reflux symptoms and regular chronic tummy aches.

But I couldn't get anyone to listen to me.  I kept being told it's "normal" and that he will "grow out of it."  Well, watching your child screaming regularly in pain and battling him to eat anything near the normal amount of intake required to maintain a healthy weight is not how I wanted to spend the next few months while waiting for him to "grow out of it."

Knowing enough about reflux to be able to recognize the symptoms and be aware of what the possible solutions for it are, I knew I wanted to try him on Prevacid.

And here is where I hit the brick wall.  My pedi refused to move forward and kept insisting that we needed to discuss it.  Wanted him on nutramigen as they felt more that it was a food intolerance than reflux since the Zantac they did allow me to try did not touch his symptoms.

Well.  I tried him on nutramigen.  And it failed.  Miserably.  So when I called back again to ask for the Prevacid, I was told again that I needed to come in to "discuss" it.  Discuss what?  We've been discussing it.

So I bypassed the pedi and went straight to a pediatric GI.  Thank you insurance for not requiring a referral.  :)

The results?

Infant Dyskesia.

Basically it's one of those labels you get when you know there is something wrong but you don't know exactly what it is.  It's a motility disorder.


But he's functional.  And end result is he should grow out of it.

Yes, grow out of it.  I hate those words but also love them.  Hate them because I can't "fix" it.  Love them because it means it will, eventually, go away.

The difference here is, though, the GI agreed to let me have the Prevacid.  He did detail the risks and it makes a little bit more sense why the pedi fought so hard against giving it to me (thanks for giving me your thoughts...instead of just telling me it won't work.)  And stated the only reason to really use it is to give some relief to the infant and to mommy from the pain of the heartburn.  And I said I'm at that point as I'm seriously at my wits end.

So, I can put him BACK on the pumped milk I had stored up (glad I saved it!) and got the Prevacid I wanted and here's hoping for a much happier baby in the near future.  And maybe, just maybe, a happier mom.

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