Saturday, May 21, 2011

Visiting my Uncle Mike

This weekend, mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa and I went to visit my Uncle Mike in Springfield. It was a loooong car ride, but I did really well. I even stayed up REALLY late and slept pretty well, although Grandpa did wake me up awfully early the next morning. Mommy and Daddy coulda used more sleep. But I like my Uncle Mike and his dog Elvis. My mommy and her brother just have something about names that start with El...oh well. It's a nice name. :) In the picture above, Uncle Mike was playing with Elvis and I decided his lap was a cool place to be. So I sat down.

I also got to try my first ever ICE CREAM CONE!

Of course I made a mess! What kind of toddler would I be if I didn't smear it all over myself.

Grandma tried to get a picture of mommy, daddy and I, but it's really hard for me to sit still and the sun was in mommy and daddy's eyes, so this was the best one grandma could get.

Oh, and I don't miss my baba at all! Daddy is a smart daddy and thought it would be a good idea to warm my milk a little bit for my morning and night time drink and it helps a LOT. I don't even notice that it's not a baba and am still drinking a lot, although it's really different. I don't drink a lot in one sitting anymore, just a little bit all through the day. It's kinda nice because I don't have to sit in one place for too long. I can take a drink when I want it and put it down and go play and come back when I want some more.

And guess what??? Grandma and Grandpa King bought me a PLAY KITCHEN! I LOVE it!!!

So it's well past my bed time and I better get to sleep before mommy realizes I'm playing on the computer. Bye!!!

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