Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bad day

This about summed up my day. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Hopefully it goes much better. E's 18 month check up is tomorrow, though. Here's hoping for finally breaking that freaking 20lb mark that I've been begging for since she turned a year and we just have not managed to break it yet. The way the child is eating, she should. Plus, she outgrew her infant carrier so I'm assuming she's GOT to be 20lbs.

Oh please, E, give mommy something to smile about and be 20lbs!

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Sarah said...

Sorry you had a bad day! I really hope tomorrow is better and that E hits 20 lbs!
Mark was just weighed at his 2 year appointment and was 21 lbs fully clothed with shoes. lol He was 35.5 inches with shoes off too so he is one long skinny kid but healthy, so we will take it!