Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tomorrow is a big day!

It is?

Yes, it is. You see, we've reached another milestone in growing up. We are saying "buh-bye" to the


"Say what?"

That's right. We've been cleared to go entirely to cow's milk, so we are going cold turkey on the baba.

I'm not sure either Elisa or I are ready for this. I remember well those early days, begging her to drink from her bottle.

Every cc through the bottle was a celebration and one step closer to going home.

Every bottle was a bonding experience. I still cherish that bed time bottle, the time she falls asleep on me and snores softly while I breathe in her scent.

Seems like just yesterday she took her first bottle. Now we have just had our last.


The Neal Family said...

Oh the bittersweetness of motherhood. It's hard to give it up, it's like a small piece of babyhood gone, but what a big girl you have! And they still let you cuddle them in your arms; because there's nothing like a mama.

Beth said...

Best of luck. We went cold turkey too, but to sippy cups not regular cups. Someday in the near future we are going to have start moving away from that more and more too. We still cuddle tons!

Brook Parker said...

Awe, she is growing up so fast! She is soo big now compared to the pics of her in the NICU.. it's amazing how fast time just flies! I hope that she does well with it.. for her sake, and for yours :)