Monday, May 9, 2011

Rebuilding Nashville

Last May, Nashville was hit by one of the worst disasters that hit Tennessee since the Civil War. Many homes were damaged.

Every year, one small group from my church, Quest 2819, make a trip to help rebuild. Since 2005, we've been on several trips to New Orleans, and last year we made a trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This year, we chose Tennessee. Sadly, this is the first year that I missed. But someone had to stay home with the 'Tinker.

So early yesterday morning, a crew of 7 headed out on a 10 hour drive. Here is the update from our crew:

Up and ready for our 6:30 am meeting with the contractor.

Mike and Joe went to house #1 to hang doors and do trim work. This house is home to an elderly gentleman who is soooo ready to get back home. And then he was in a wreck and hurt both knees. He is tired, frustrated, and ready

Le Anne, Sue, Andrew, Dennis and Amy went to house #2. The homeowner is a single woman who will really appreciate some quality work as some of the prior volunteers have not had the best of skills. We painted 3 rooms, repaired some sheet rock and cleaned up some. Most of the work for this home consists of small tasks but they are tedious and will take most of the week.

Amy made stuffed manicotti that smelled AWESOME! The manicotti smelled so good so we showered fast! (One of the perks of having a foodie as a chef. ;) )

House #1

House #2 with a view of the river in the background.

Dennis, the organizer of all of our trips.

Le Anne, our fearless crew leader.

Andrew hard at work.

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