Friday, February 11, 2011

Table food!

Yup, so I finally convinced mommy to just get OVER it and let me eat what they do! See, she has control issues and the idea of letting me control how much and how long to eat has been a problem to her. So after many hours of whining and trying to convince her that I really could handle it AND still gain weight (yes, mommy STILL has issues over my weight. Again, mommy, get OVER it, I'm just little!)

So now, I'm eating like mommy. She cuts them into these really small pieces since I still don't have molars but I'm having fun with it! I've had pizza, and grilled cheese, and swiss chicken. And of course grapes (yum!), bread, cheerios and all your standard little people food.

Of course, all this messiness does lead to the obligatory bath. I do keep trying to drink the water though. This doesn't make me all that happy because, well, I don't understand portion control yet.

But I get over it fast, because really, the bubbles are fun!

And onto tomorrow! When I get to try ever new flavors and varieties of food.

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